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Martinsen, Sigve A.H. Advisor, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and underground constructions

35 years experience of project management at Norwegian Public Road Administration Construction management for Norway’s large subsea tunnel projects “The Bømlafjord Subsea Tunnel” 1996-2001 (see article in Tunnels & Tunneling March 2000 Further more ... ) “The T-connection; Karmøy subsea tunnel” 2008-2013. “Terminals for Gas Ferries” 2005 – 2008: Arsvågen - Mortavik (Rogaland) and Halhjem – Sandviksvåg (Hordaland)

The Triangle Link Project

The Triangle Link connects the 3 island municipalities Bømlo, Stord and Fitjar counties to the mainland, and this large project is part of the coastal road E-39 between the cities of Kristiansand and Trondheim. October 27, 1986 the “Sunnhordland Bridge and Tunnel Company AS” was founded with the purpose to establish a fixed link between Stord and Bømlo, and further connection to Sveio. December 28, 2000 the new coastal road between Sveio and Stord opened with total costs of 1,852 million ( 2000 )


The Triangle Link replaced 4 ferry routes, Valevåg Skjersholmane, Valevåg-Mosterhamn, Sagvåg-Siggjarvåg and Skjersholmane-Utbjoa and consists of:

The Bømlafjordtunnel:

Subsea tunnel length 7860 m from mainland Sveio to the island of Stord municipality. Lowest point is 260 meters below sea level. The tunnel has 3 driving lanes. The inclinations is 8.5%. Cost: NOK 480 million. Picture showing traffic at the bottom of the Bømlafjord tunnel; 260 meter below sealevel.

The Stordabrua Bridge:

Suspension bridge over Digernes Strait, between Digernes on the island of Stord and Føyno. Length in total 1076 m, main span of 677 m. Sailing height is 18 m.Cost: NOK 433 million.

The Bømlabru Bridge:

Suspension bridge over Spissøy Strait, between Nautøy and Spissøy. Length in total 990 m, main span of 577 m. Sailing height is 36 m. Cost: NOK 336 million.

The Digernes Tunnel

Digernes Tunnel - also called environmental tunnel acts as a portal when you are running out of Stordabrua. Cost: NOK 36 million.

New roads

There are a total of 21.5 km road in the project. There are pedestrian and cycling tracks between Bømlo and Stord.


The Spissøy Bridge

Lowbridge across the Gassasund from Spissøy to Klungervika on Bømlo. Total length 350 m and a total of 11.3 km roads. Sailing hight is 7 m. Cost: NOK 46 million.

Road constructions

Cost: NOK 325 million. Client Cost: NOK 172 million.


Toll plaza located on the island Føyno. There are three driving fields through the toll plaza in each direction. Total project costs NOK 1.852 million (US$ 300 million).

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Triangle Link

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