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- 01.2008Public Roads Administration, Western Region.The T-Connection is a fixed link to the island of Karmøy. A 9 km longsubsea tunnel and a road and tunnel project That Provides connectionBetween the Municipalities Karmøy, Haugesund and Tysvær counties on thewestern coast of Norway.9 km underground and 21 km new road. Cost NOK 1,400 million (U.S. $ 235million)

- 03.2005 -01.2008Public Roads Administration, Western RegionConstruction for the development of the ferry pier Halhjem, Sandvikvåg,Arsvågen and Mortavika for new gas powered ferries in Hordaland and Rogaland.

- 08.2003 to 03.2005Public Roads Administration, Western RegionAdministration, Haugaland and Sunnhordaland districtProject and construction management Wed Various projects in the districtwith a cost estimate that N £ 5 to 50 million Bridges, Piers, roads, etc.

- 01.2003 to 08.2003Public Roads Administration, Western RegionE 39 Boravik, Jektevik, From Sandvikvåg.Project in the forward two starting construction

- 01.1997 to 01.2003 Triangle Link Connection to the counties Sveio Bømloand Stord in western Norway. The Bømlafjord Subsea Tunnel,8 km subsea tunnel, 11.3 km roads Including three bridges and connectingroads."Triangle Link" "The Triangle Connection" had the follo wing elements pissøy Bridge Bømla Bridge and Stord Bridge (350m, 998 m and 1078 m) andthe Bømlafjord Subsea Tunnel (8 miles).

- 07.1984 to 07.1995Public Roads AdministrationSmall and medium-sized bridges, Ferry Pier, large and small road projects

-1991Haukeli Tunnel: Construction of concrete portals with sliding shields tocast in concrete

- 08.1973 to 08.1983 Public Roads AdministrationRoad safety, mountain protection, roads, Ferry Pier and construction ofbridges